Conspiracy Report

This site offers information about convicted internet stalker WIM DANKBAAR, a JFK ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACIST from the Netherlands and his various activities to harm, threaten and blackmail individuals including police officers in his home country.  He has conspired to engage in online defamation of all people formerly associated with Cybersoup and, in 2009, Mr. Dankbaar enticed a mentally disturbed woman from Battle Creek, Michigan (April Kelley) to to do the same, including, harass, threaten and blackmail former Cybersoup business associates.


Dankbaar sentenced to Three Months in Jail for his Ongoing Defamationl/Libel – JULY 2016

Wim Dankbaar Defames and Invades Privacy of Murder Victim’s Family — FEB 2014

Wim Dankbaar Ordered by Dutch Courts to Have His Head Examined! — OCT 2013

JFK Conspiracist Wim Dankbaar Convicted in Dutch Courts of Stalking and Threats Against Police and Their Families

Wim Dankbaar Arrested and Jailed for Computer Hacking, Theft, Invasion of Privacy Against Investigative Reporter Peter R. De Vries

The Beginnings of the Conspiracy

Wim Dankbaar Vowed to Destroy Reputation of Behavior Specialist Who Picked Apart Dankbaar’s JFK Assassination Story That James Files Was The Sole Assassin.  Read how Mr. Dankbaar engaged the services of April Kelley, a disgruntled and disturbed Battle Creek, Michigan woman  …  CONTINUE READING


Visit our new VIDEOS page which breaks down the fraud and various discrepancies about the James Files Fraud story that Wim Dankbaar has perpetrated for many years related to the JFK assassination.