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Wim Dankbaar Sentenced to Jail in 2016

Once again, Wim Dankbaar is in hot water. He has been sentenced to three months in prison. The order was reported on July 5, 2016.

According to the court in his home country of the Netherlands, Dankbaar has been guilty of "offensive and hurtful" remarks in his controversial book "The Forbidden Diary of Maaike Vaatstra" which he published by using a stolen diary of the mother of a murder victim which everyone, including the court deemed to be copyrighted material.

This is It is not the first time that Dankbaar was convicted.  In 2014, he received a suspended prison sentence for defamatory publications on the Vaatstra matter. Moreover, he was ordered to get the book off the market but he refused. Last year a judge ruled that Dankbaar and his co-aiuthor had to pay a sum of 200,000 euros in penalties to the mother of the murdered Marianne Vaatstra. 

Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson. Nor did the editor and co-author of the book, Hans Mauritz, who was sentenced to a suspended sentence of two months. 

According to the court, both men have shown no insight into the evil of their actions. Dankbaar, of course, said he would appeal the latest mark against him becasue, as always, he believes he has every right to defame people or infringe their copyrights which he does regularly across the internet. In the Vaatstra murder case, he claimed the police and the courts were conspiring against the truth and in particular against him.

A link to the Google translation of the story is HERE (reminder "Dankbaar" translates as Thankfully or Thankfu:

Perhaps Wim Dankbaar should request a transfer to the United States. Maybe he can share a cell with his other favorite subject JAMES FILES.


Investors Speak Out Against Wim Dankbaar & April Kelley

Up until 2006, the CyberSoup Network was a popular collection of sites on the internet, offering many free services to the public (forums, greeting cards, games, free profiles/websites and more).  To the investors who hopped on board - with most of us being hardworking average folks with extremely modest incomes - we also enjoyed some free to extremely low cost marketing services, thanks to the generosity of the folks in charge of running the network.

Sometime in 2006, a Dutchman named Wim Dankbaar, who writes about President Kennedy’s assassination got into a tiff with a Cybersoup owner revolving around a financial investment and controversial aspects about Mr. Dankbaar’s promotions of a criminal by the name of James Files with respect to the presidential assassination.  And apparently for a short time, even Wim Dankbaar himself was an investor in Cybersoup.  We do believe he was also one of its investors who enjoyed free to low cost marketing services, at least for a short time before he decided to lie about his experiences here.

Instead of resolving his disputes in a gentlemanly fashion, Mr. Dankbaar publicly ranted abusively via the internet while tossing about one lie after another as to the integrity of Cybersoup’s owners, as he also attacked and harassed every single investor of Cybersoup, its various business associates, its bank representative, and even people who vaguely had anything to do with Cybersoup, such as those who were building free business profiles. Mr. Dankbaar had simply decided that if anyone had their name on a profile or website with a Cybersoup logo attached then they were fair game. He bandied their names across the internet and called members of our trustworthy crew “conman” and “conwoman”. Many of us investors received word from family and friends that they were being spammed with Mr. Dankbaar’s JFK promotional information and that they later found their names on a target list that called them Cybersoup’s fellow “cons”.

Then Wim Dankbaar claimed that Cybersoup’s owners made up lies about him and his family on the internet so he used this made up excuse to step up his attacks and he began posting to toxic scam sites.

Mr. Dankbaar had been promoting his JFK assassination products  long before he ever associated himself with Cybersoup and it’s entirely likely that whoever allegedly posted about him way back then were enemies he made in the process. But it had nothing whatsoever to do with Cybersoup or any of its owners. We were all too busy trying to save the company from the damage he was causing.

With all of his ever increasing number of lies filling the internet, Cybersoup began a slow decline and Mr. Dankbaar laughed and patted himself on the back as he saw the hopes and dreams of the company’s small investors eventually perish in the cyber-winds.

In 2009, Wim Dankbaar’s vicious libel caught the eye of a disgruntled website owner who had recently done business with the former Cybersoup owner and felt “cheated” or so she says.  Her name is April Kelley of Battle Creek, Michigan. She got together with Wim Dankbaar and through his urging, went on a rant of her own, attacking Cybersoup, which was no longer in business and all of the people formerly associated with it, just as Mr. Dankbaar had done. Only in this case, Mrs. Kelley who since then changed her name to April Jenesis, went even further than Mr. Dankbaar. Mrs. Jenesis claimed the owners were directly tied to President Kennedy’s assassination; that they belonged to the Charles Manson cult and were ambassadors of some other crazy cult embassy; that they were gay lovers who did pornography and owned thousands of porn sites; that they were spying on her and breaking into her home computer and bank account and stealing her blind, among many other disgusting lies, all the time being egged on by Wim Dankbaar.

April Kelley or April Jenesis even made a repulsive video that she posted. She looks and sounds clearly insane. She and Wim Dankbaar have stated publicly that they intend to destroy everyone formerly associated with Cybersoup and any business they intend to engage in from now until the end of time. They even threatened to destroy the reputation of respected journalist Judd McIlvain and tried to blackmail him into disassociating himself from Cybersoup. Mr. McIlvain was receiving marketing services from the company.

WE FORMER INVESTORS state categorically, that our network operated with the utmost integrity at all times and that the people associated with it were not “conmen” or “conwomen” as Wim Dankbaar and April Kelley / April Jenesis claim. The network occasionally struggled, as most internet sites did at that time, to keep current technologically and build a customer base, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t popular. Those two vicious detractors, Wim Dankbaar and April Kelley/April Jenesis, deserve to be called out for who they are. They are LIARS, plain and simple.  And anyone reading or hearing their sick lies should read this story, the true story. The people formerly associated with Cybersoup had the highest integrity back then and they still do today.

WE FORMER INVESTORS will only use our initials in signing this document. We cannot afford to be viciously harassed and abused and have our lives further disrupted in the same disgusting manner that other Cybersoup investors have. WE STAND FIRM against the vicious defamers: Wim Dankbaar and April Kelley/April Jenesis.  We say: “Go back under the rocks from which you crawled out and leave all of us alone.”

— VM, LK, SP, DB, KR, JM, JS, PM, RM, MZ, DH, KY, GB, MB, SY —

Videos About Wim Dankbaar - James Files Fraud

The Videos on this page help explain the extensive fraud perpetrated by Wim Dankbaar (JFK Murder Solved) and James Files ("I Killed JFK")  about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  They discuss the various discrepancies between what Dankbaar and Files say about President Kennedy’s assassination. James Files is the man who says “I Shot JFK From the Grassy Knoll”. Wim Dankbaar is the man who promotes the James Files JFK murder solved Fraud story - that Files killed President Kennedy - throughout the world with his books and DVDs.

Video 1: The roots of the fraud. This video explains that James Files is a criminal imprisoned for an unrelated crime and how Files’ claims to be the grassy knoll shooter has been debunked repeatedly.  It explains how Wim Dankbaar bought a conspiracy website from Bob Vernon who knew that James Files was lying. And it goes on to tell you that Mr. Dankbaar has been convicted in the Netherlands of various crimes against police officers and their family as well as against Dutch investigative journalist Peter R. De Vries.

Video 2: discusses the lunacy of believing what Wim Dankbaar and James Files say about anything, particularly President Kennedy’s assassination. This video shows that James Files and his mercury filled bullets story is nuts, that taking off the rifle scope before allegedly making the fatal “grassy knoll” kill shot is insane.  It further points out the activities of Dutchman Wim Dankbaar, a convicted criminal for harassment, stalking, theft, computer and email hacking and his actions against investigative journalist Peter R. De Vries.

Video 3: This video discusses the number of rounds and the calibration of the rifle scope James Files allegedly used to take his famous “grassy knoll” shot to kill President Kennedy. It also shows the discrepancy of Files’ claim to have used a mercury filled 222 caliber bullet for the fatal shot.

Video 4: This video discusses President Kennedy’s motorcade route, the mob connection to the assassination, Jack Ruby and the rifle scope James Files allegedly used to take his famous “grassy knoll” shot.

Video 5: This video shows that James Files’ claims that he served in Laos and who hired him (supposedly it was CIA officer David Atlee Phillips) to work for the CIA is fraudulent. It discusses the Bay of Pigs invasion and shows that James Files’ training and operations did not take place where and when he said they did.


Video 6:  This video discusses bullet casings Files allegedly left in Dealey Plaza, his alleged presence in Laos and Cambodia, him being in Chicago and not having a twin brother. It also mentions how Wim Dankbaar bought the rights to the James Files Fraud story from Bob Vernon.


Marianne Vaatstra and Mother's Diary

FEB 2014 - Wim Dankbaar Defames and Invades Privacy of Murder Victim’s Family

Wim Dankbaar was back in court because he has been continuing his usual course of business to defame, harass and stalk various people across the internet.

He has been heavily involved in “investigating” on the internet, the murder of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra which occurred in 1999 in the Netherlands.  He is convinced that S Jasper, who was convicted last year for the murder is not the real culprit.  He claims that the evidence against the man was manipulated and the real killer, who of course only Wim Dankbaar has uncovered, remains at large.

Dankbaar went on to defame in various publications the father of the former friend of Marianne and a former asylum seeker. He likened the dead woman's father to a NAZI collaborator. The two victims claim compensation from more than 1500 euros in total.

The prosecution demanded Dankbaar be penalized with community service of 80 hours and 4 weeks suspended prison sentence for libel and insult stating that Dankbaar’s slanderous text should disappear from the internet forthwith. Moreover, he should have no further contact with two of his victims. For every offense, Dankbaar should spend a month in jail.

FROM THE DUTCH REPORT: RE:  Wim Dankbaar and Vaatstra’s Mother’s Diary

ASH - The Journal of the mother of Marianne Vaatstra who was murdered in 1999 may not be republished. That the courts have determined in Assen.

Marianne's mother, Maaike Terpstra, challenged Frides Laméris Zuidlaren to court because the man has put 41 pages from her diary on his website The story shows the feelings of the mother back from the moment her daughter Marianne disappeared on May 1, 1999. The body of the girl was found shortly afterwards in a pasture at Veenklooster. She was raped and murdered. On April 19, 2013, Jasper S. Fries was sentenced by the court in Leeuwarden to 18 years in prison for the murder and rape of Marianne.

The judge now says that the diary is a copyrighted work. The publications have been achieved. He faces a fine of 2500 euros per day if he fails in to remove the copyrighted work. On 18 December 2013, the judge ruled in Haarlem, that publicist Wim Dankbaar and publisher Hans Mauritz are not allowed to republish the diary without permission of the author.  Further Dankbaar was ordered to remove from the internet all defamatory statements and any pages of the diary.

The diaries were made long before the arrest of Jasper S. It is the experience and the deepest feelings of the mother during her grieving process. The mother gave her diary for inspection to a girlfriend. It was then digitized and came, unbeknownst to the mother, in the hands of third parties. Dankbaar is convinced that Jasper S. was not the killer … that the real culprit is held according to him, by a conspiracy at the highest judicial level.

Terpstra wants a publication ban, and that all documents and copies handed to her. They also want the names and addresses of the persons to whom a copy of the book is provided. In addition, the woman is claiming payment of 50,000 euros to the damage suffered. Lawyer Yehudi Moszkowicz called these publications particularly painful for Terpstra: “… by these conspiracy theorists” who just want to profit from the work.

Wim Dankbaar is, of course, the Dutch blogger who continues to sell known fraudulent materials related to the JFK assassination on his JFK murder website claiming that jailed inmate James Files is the sole assassin of President Kennedy.