Crazy People Helping Dankbaar?

Who Are the crazy Battle Creek, Michigan people helping Wim Dankbaar?

Wim Dankbaar has been coaching a deranged woman and her husband to destroy the former co-owner and SHE keeps bringing up CyberSoup in her attacks against the former co-owner of Cybersoup.  Judd McIlvain knows about this woman as well.  In 2009, APRIL KELLEY was on one of his shows and was crying about how devastated she was after paying the internet company NETZPRO (not Cybersoup) to build her a website.  Halfway through, she refused to pay them, accusing them of bad programming and putting in viruses and links to porn sites.  

Because of his experience with the internet, our co-owner tried to advise her.  After spending many hours on the phone with her, Mr. McIlvain connected her with a group of programmers that he believed could provide the excellent service he thought she needed (Cybersoup).  April Kelley put a 50% deposit down with Cybersoup, which is customary; the balance due when her new site was done and approved by her. 

Instead of paying her bill, she put a stop on the contract after about 3 weeks, and after much work had already been done, then complained alternately to Mr. McIlvain that we were too slow or that we were not fulfilling the contract. This is precisely what she did to NETZPRO.  Of course, April Kelley then went on to accuse Cybersoup of bad programming and putting in viruses and links to porn sites as well as “selling” her open-source software to third-parties around the globe. 

Mrs. Kelley also accused Cybersoup’s former associates of spying on her, breaking into her home computer and bank account, alternately disconnecting her phone and recording her, making her computer explode and various other absurdities.  She has referred to Mr. Danbkbaar as a trusted friend.

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