Dankbaar Conspiracy Roots

Beginnings of the Conspiracy

Wim Dankbaar Vowed to Destroy Reputation of Behavior Specialist Who Picked Apart Dankbaar’s JFK Assassination Story That James Files Was The Sole Assassin.

The Dutchman has been selling assassination paraphernalia for years, after purchasing the rights to the JAMES FILES HOAX from a third party.  Since then, Dankbaar has turned himself into a self-described JFK expert, claiming that Mr. Files and all his lies, inaccuracies and downright absurdities are true.

Some years ago, a behavior specialist who was part owner of CyberSoup, had viewed over 3 hours of a JAMES FILES interview that Mr. Dankbaar had taped.  Afterwards, the specialist told Wim Dankbaar that Mr. Files was a fraud and that many of his claims didn’t make sense. 

The behaviorist made his case in a point-by-point document which so enraged Mr. Dankbaar that he took to the internet in a campaign to destroy the behaviorist/investor and any number of other innocent people in the process – people who knew or were ever associated with Cybersoup on any level, business or personal.  Mr. Dankbaar, being the conspiracy theorist that he is, was convinced that this behaviorist would rush to the airwaves to expose the hoax.

Even though, the Cybersoup investor had never made his thoughts public at the time, Mr. Dankbaar nevertheless aimed his sights and took shot after shot.  Dankbaar has made a reputation of suing or threatening to sue anyone who disagrees with his claim that James Files is the true assassin.  He calls it “interfering with his business”.  Apparently perpetuating the James Files hoax is a legitimate business in Mr. Dankbaar’s eyes.   Oddly, Mr. Dankbaar thinks it’s okay to interfere with and downright destroy other people’s reputations and businesses for the sake of his own.

Wim Dankbaar has sent threatening emails trying to blackmail investigative reporter/consumer advocate JUDD MCILVAIN who has known our investor for many years.  The Dutchman has also enlisted the aid of a deranged Battle Creek, Michigan woman (APRIL KELLEY), another internet stalker, to threaten harass, blackmail and defame any companies or persons associated with Cybersoup.

Following are Question Post Relating to this conspiracy.

By the way, this are the facts, not the garbage spewed by Dankbarr and his crazed groupies.

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