Does CyberSoup Owe Dankbaar?

Does Cybersoup really owe Dankbaar money?

No  Mr. Dankbaar was an investor at one point in this website company.  He is an experienced businessman who said he believed that CyberSoup had a great future.  Months later, Mr. Dankbaar, a JFK conspiracist, sent the co-owner a 3-hour video to edit. 

After reviewing the video of the man named James Files who claimed to be the assassin of  President Kennedy, the co-owner provided Mr. Dankbaar with a set of points as to why he believed Files was lying.  Instead of actually exploring these points, Mr. Dankbaar immediately accused him of lying. 

By the way, the company had just sent him a sizable amount of money to repay a loan he made to Cybersoup.  But even with that, he vowed to begin a campaign stating he intended to destroy the company and individuals for badmouthing his story. 

How can he expect any further repayment when he destroyed the company to which he made loans?  The company lost visitors and advertisers as a result of Dankbaar’s published lies.  Additionally, he caused all our investors to lose their money. Mr. Dankbaar brags on his site that he is proud to have caused this horrendous damage.

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