How Does Monty Roberts Fit in This?

What  does horse trainer Monty Roberts and WIPO have to do with Cybersoup? Wim Dankbaar and the crazy woman keep bringing in Monty Roberts the horse trainer.  What is this about?

Mr. Dankbaar and his Michigan groupie love to toss around this gross distortion of the truth, about MONTY ROBERTS, the horse trainer, who was hired to train the co-owner’s wild mustang at his farm for six months.  The horse was very skittish as most wild mustangs are.  Mr. Roberts who claimed he was an expert with mustangs said he could train him to be a gentle, calm horse that a child could ride, using his “special methods’ that he stole from other trainers, one being his own father. 

At the end of the six months, the co-owner brought the horse back and within days he got scared of “nothing”, knocked down his partner and stomped all over her legs.  She suffers from those very serious injuries even today.  When he contacted Monty Roberts, he said he would take care of the medical bills. 

The next thing it’s discovered that Monty Roberts had actually rushed to the Sheriff’s department, instead, complaining that he was being extorted  … of the same amount that he had swore he would pay to cover the medical bills.  Monty’s relatives said this probably wasn’t about the money but to shut the victims up about him lying about training the horse. 

It might be of interest that the co-owner never saw a Sheriff’s deputy; never saw the inside of a courtroom because the Santa Barbara district attorney threw out Monty Roberts’ complaint in the interest of justice.

Click to see letter from DA.  Translation:  They knew Monty Roberts was lying.  But Mr. Roberts, like Mr. Dankbaar and his groupie simply decided to lie about the report, saying the complaint was not taken up because of ‘internet confusion”.

The crazy woman publicly lied saying Cybersoup’s co-owner told her it was Monty Roberts personally who had “beaten up” his partner.  The absurdity of that remark is beyond belief.  These conspiracists love to bring up the Monty Roberts-WIPO case.  There have been thousands of domain disputes since the internet became popular.  This case centered around having an internet company and registering a domain name for his family who wanted to use the domain for promoting their book about how Monty Roberts was a liar and fraud. 

Their book is titled “Horse Whispers and Lies” written by Roberts’ aunt and cousin respectively, Joyce Renebome and Debra Ann Ristau.  Monty Roberts went to the WIPO which controls all the domain names on the internet and complained.  The organization proceeded to set up an arbitration, NOT a court case. 

Monty Roberts claimed he had the name trademarked which automatically gave him the right to domain name ownership.  It should be noted that at the time, he most certainly had not trademarked the name.  But the arbitrator who lived roughly in Monty Roberts’ vicinity decided against the registration.  Danbkbaar and his friend would have you believe that the horse trainer won some massive court case and judgment against the co-owner.

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