Dankbaar Convicted

Wim Dankbaar Convicted of Defamation and Stalking


Wim Dankbaar, the self-proclaimed JFK murder “expert” and well known conspiracy fanatic, was ordered by a court in the Netherlands to cease, desist and remove from all sources (including the internet) any defamation against police for their investigations in the Deventer murder case.   This is a case that Wim Dankbaar’s former buddy, Dutch investigative journalist PETER R. DE  VRIES, reported on extensively

Following his customary behavior, Mr. Dankbaar posted numerous outrageous lies on his own website and harassed and threatened police officers and their families.  Additionally, as he has been known to do to many others, Dankbaar posted the private home telephone numbers and home addresses of three poliice officers involved in the investigation.  A restraining order was issued prohibiting him from approaching or contacting the police or their families.  Dankbaar was fined 25,000 euros for each day that he ignored the court’s ruling.

NOTE: Clicking on either of the links above will bring up rather poor Google translations from Dutch into English.  Wim’s last name “Dankbaar” means “thankful” or “grateful” in Dutch and is also translated at “thankfully” or “gratefully” or “gratitude” in various Dutch reports on the Internet.  The reference to “Overveen”, often right next to his name, refers to his hometown.

READ THE GOOGLE TRANSLATION page of the court’s ruling.  You should be able to make parts of it out sufficiently to see that the information contained on this page is the truth.

Since 2009, Mr. Dankbaar, who aligned himself with a Battlecreek, Michigan couple (April Kelley and Edward F. Kelley) to help in his online defamation and libel, has also been threatening an American journalist.  And, in 2007, the Dutchman was arrested and jailed for hacking into Dutch investigative reporter Peter R. DeVries’ email account and stealing valuable information, forwarding emails to third parties.

In case the Google translation page disappears:  Here is what was reported (again, the translation into English is very poor)

Activist police should leave alone


ZUTPHEN / DEVENTER – Police have won the first battle to end accusations about her work in the sensational murder case Deventer an end.

Wim Grateful from Overveen need regional police North and East Gelderland – and three officials of that corps in particular – let alone, on pain of a fine of 5,000 euros a day he ignores the statement. The court in Zutphen requires Thankfully the allegations of the Internet removes and takes away. In addition, he must not approach police officers or their relatives and family members.

The decision also means that grateful should refrain from future manifestation of such accusations and insults towards the three policemen in any medium and should not allow others such accusations and insults on websites which he is a licensee or manager.

Grateful belongs to a group of people who are convinced that the Deventer murder an innocent (Ernest Louwes) has been convicted and the real culprit is still on the loose. To prove it, he does self-examination. Before that, he also approached several police officers.

Through inter alia the deventermoordzaak.com and jfkmurdersolved.com websites anyone can follow that quest. But the site also contains remarks that the court qualifies as accusations.

The allegations are that the police in the investigation into the Deventer murder case regarding the write tests perjured police reports have established that they have lied to the National Police and that they participate in a criminal plot to the real perpetrator of the murder protect. widow Wittenberg

The judge the progress of the police to Grateful to silence assigned as “a solid foundation for the views expressed by his accusations lacking and there are serious allegations which it is likely that the honor and reputation of the police attack ‘mouth .

Furthermore Thankfully, according to the court, the police are not entitled to demand that they provide him with information about their involvement in a criminal investigation.

Grateful does not know what he has to do with judgment, but considering withdrawing as moderator of the website.

Ruling on www.destentor.nl